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Concordia Yawl #9 (39'10")

Built in 1951 by Abeking and Rasmussen (#4754).

Owned by Rob DesMarais.

Conway, AR

Purchased Name of Boat Owner Port
1951WhisperFrederic R. PrattNew York City, NY
1963El Ho IIIHoward A. SchecterleStonington, CT
1988MoanaFrank WilliamsForestdale, MA
1990WhisperNorman BrittingHull, MA
1991WhisperOliver JonesAvon, CT
2007SaltaireRob DesMaraisConway, AR

Concordia #9 Whisper Concordia #9 Whisper Concordia #9 Whisper Concordia #9 Whisper Concordia #9 Whisper Concordia #9 Whisper Concordia #9 Whisper Concordia #9 Whisper

Taking a break...

Sometimes you have to stop and rub a belly!!!

Building New Frames

Below is a sequencing of making new frames for this boat. I am using some old growth douglas fir and West System Epoxy. On these at the present time the two outer layers have 2" kevlar between them and the inner 3 layers have glass. My first intention with this first one (last photo) was to subsequently add the 20 degree bevel. As 20 degrees with it's thickness wouldn't bend, I first cut a couple of 10 degree wedges. These were also too thick. Next, 6.667 degrees. Better but once epoxied up and trying to bend into the jig, slipped all over the place even being taped together. Subsequent ribs are being made full size and bevels will be cut after the fact.

The sticks are hot glued to the plywood and than moved to the work table. As the temperature dropped, I realized I made a mistake with making this 8' x 12' table with two layers of 3/4" plywood top and 6 5x5 legs... I should have made it across the road in the single car garage which is much easier to heat? This 30' x 48' with 1/2 the walls insulated and roof just trussed isn't quite ready for heat. Though it does have radiant floor heating plumbed into the concrete slap, no heat source has been hooked up. Too many projects, too little time and finite resources!

Milling some white oak

The foreman for milling up the white oak for the restoration, Paul Rollins,York,Maine.

Rick Berry from Shirley, Arkansas onsite milling the lumber to use for floors, beams and various other parts.