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Concordia Projects: Totem


Concordia Company, Inc. is restoring the classic 6metre Class yacht TOTEM, US-51, originally designed and built by Bill Luders and Luders Manufacturing in 1930, for Jesse Smith with Jacob Vargish design consultant. The ultimate goal is racing as a Vintage Classic in the 2009 World Championships in Newport, RI. Concordia master carpenters Dave Strecker and Richard Emory are leading the project.

Totem Totem


Totem came most recently from Blue Hill, Maine where she was racing in a class of 6's. She came Spring 2007 and was set down by her new friends. She was glassed over and had a cruiser-style cabin house. Early on in the project, she was electronically surveyed by Andrew Williams from 3D-Measure and her existing structure documented by Smith and Vargish, as original lines for the boat do not exist.

Totem Totem


The first step, once she was moved into our new shop was removing the deck. Then we built a tent and stripped the topsides down. We needed to know what we were working with. We were optimistic that once the glass and epoxy on the deck and hull were removed, we would be able to reuse most of the plank material. Because TOTEM had been refastened several times, the area in way of frames was unsatisfactory.

Totem Stripped Totem Stripped Totem Deck


The next phase of the project was to rebuild the center structures including the horn timber, knee, sternpost, and stem.

Totem Guts Out Totem Rudder Post Totem Stern Post Master Carpenters Dave Strecker and Richard Emory Totem Knee


Molds were installed to dictate the new shape. Sheer line was hogged and bilges had straightened. Old planks, retained to act as ribbands, were fastened to the molds.

Totem Molds Totem Molds Totem Molds Totem Molds Totem Molds


Oak floors were prepared and installed every 9".

Totem Floors Totem Floors


We determined it was in the best interest of the boat, and in keeping with the goal of challenging for a Worlds to work with a world class fairing company. We connected with Lars Guck to check the fairing of the molds. We removed the old mahogany and fastened new ribbands which made it easier to fair the molds.

Totem Fairing Totem Fairing


52 frames are going in each side including 4 sets of tapered laminated frames.

bending frames bending frames


For more information on Totem see Jesse Smith's Totem 6mR Restoration Blog and the North American 6 Metre Association web site.