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Concordia Projects: Galatea


Alec White has owned his Alerion 28 for 10 years. He and his father bought consecutively built boats #'s 68 & 69. Alec is a great customer. He cares about top notch service and he is thoughtful about how to improve his boat. Every year he does one or two things to increase the safety of his boat as he is often sailing singlehanded.

In the summer of 2007, Alec found himself going into tall waves and his original Yanmar 1GM10 (9HP) was barely helping him make any headway. He decided that it would be in his best interest to get more power. The new Alerion 28s that Alec tested were built with the 2YM15 and the performance was noticeably better (and therefore safer). But he didn't want a new boat. Together we did a bit of research and decided we thought we could fit a Yanmar 14 HP 2YM15 into the same engine box and mate it to a saildrive. The newer Alerion 28s had retooled the interior to accommodate the larger engine. We were able to make the transition successfully and Alec has been very happy.

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