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Concordia Company

Concordia Company, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, consists of Concordia Boatyard and Concordia Yacht Sales, and is known worldwide for the famous Concordia Yawls.

Concordia Boatyard, employs a team of talented professionals with vast experience, dedication to excellence, and attention to detail. We are prepared to handle any job on all varieties of recreational yachts, power and sail, fiberglass and wood. We are very successful with customers who want the best for their boat, whether it is a new boat or a 40 year old fiberglass boat, a wooden boat, or anywhere in between. Many of our employees are themselves boaters. They know first-hand how critical the operation of their boat is to the safety of their family. You will get to know our employees when you bring your boat to Concordia. They will help you build your knowledge of your boat and its systems – building your confidence when you are on the water. Our philosophy is that routine maintenance and service in the off season will increase your chance of a trouble-free season, will add to your boating confidence, and will protect your investment. We are fastidious in our attention to your yacht.

At Concordia Yacht Sales, we can help you sell your boat or buy your next. Call or e-mail:

Brodie MacGregor Brodie MacGregor
Stuart MacGregor Stuart MacGregor

PictureYear Length Type Price
Hunt 33 1999 33' Hunt 33 $265,000
Shannon 43' 1958 43' Shannon 43 $250,000
Concordia Yawl 1958 39' Concordia Yawl $150,000
Concordia Yawl 1965 39' Concordia Yawl $135,000
Concordia Yawl 1953 41' Concordia Yawl $100,000
Concordia Yawl 1963 41' Concordia Yawl Restoration Candidate
Hinckley 1970 38' Hinckley 38 $89,000
Black Watch 1992 26' Black Watch $47,500
Bombay Pilothouse 31 1986 31' Bombay Pilothouse 31 $44,000
O'Day 34 1981 34' O'Day $29,900
Hans Otto Horn Ketch 1973 33' Hans Otto Horn 33' Ketch $25,000
Pete Culler Concordia Sloop 1967 17.5' Pete Culler Concordia Sloop $17,500
Bateka 2009 9' Concordia Bateka $11,500
Bateka 1955 9' Abeking & Rasmussen Bateka $7,500

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